I’m on hiatus until mid-August, but will then be available for private Tarot readings.

My aim is for you to get the most useful information possible, and to have the tools to put insights into practice, which is best suited to those willing to be actively engaged in their own fate. If that’s you, please read on —

30 minutes: $45   We can cover a lot in 30 minutes.               

After 30 minutes, pricing is in 15-minute increments,
i.e. 45 minutes for $67, and an hour for $90. I’m not a stickler with a stop watch, but things work better if we’re both aware of the passage of time.               

I read in person out of my home, but also - to allow us both to defy the challenges of physical distance - I’m happy to meet with you via Zoom.              

Please contact me to set up a time, and I hope to speak and meet with you soon.  

Here to serve you, as part of the card reading, is my practical experience with creative spell-work, personalized ritual, and shamanic problem-solving/self-healing practices.               

To whatever degree you want, these can all come into the follow-through aspects of your reading, so you’ll have a customized Rx with which to proceed.              

By the time we wrap up our reading, you’ll have a head-full of new information and a heart-full of renewed connection to your own dreams and goals, with images to use and ritual-recipes to spark the changes you desire.