About “Sliding Scale”


* What does that mean? Some of us are in good shape financially, some are temporarily pinched, and some are truly strapped. I believe in keeping the studies and healing work accessible, so I use a self-determined sliding scale, but I know that can be confusing. Basically, within the price range shown, you decide what to pay based on your financial resources.

How to know? Here goes:
- If you’re salaried, have benefits through your job, or have a well-funded retirement, or enjoy some financial ease through family or spousal circumstances, if you can vacation well and shop readily for non-essentials, but especially if you pay full price when consulting other practitioners or taking other classes, please go to the high end of the range.
Wise use of abundance is honorable!

- If you need to be at the low end of the fee-range, that’s fine. No financial details, please, just your honest personal assessment that you need this bit of fee-flexibility to attend.
Discerning use of resources is honorable!

P.S. I took the Beginning class in 1989. I don’t remember what I paid  - $125? - but I clearly recall how it felt: It was a financial stretch and I scrimped elsewhere. Regrets? Hahahaha.... nope!