The sky was our original calendar, our original storybook, the first illustrated edition, the prototype GPS. Beyond its pragmatic usefulness, the sky was the domain of spirit, traversed by deities and a place to which human souls departed.

Let's re-enchant it, shall we?

— from the book

This book draws on interests that took root during my teens and have been gestating and expanding ever since.  There are nearly 150 illustrations of constellations and how to locate them, and of ancient sites and their alignments.  There’s lore of the Goddesses and Gods, and explorations of how Their stories relate to the wondrous motion of the planets.  There are ways to use all this to more deeply attune to your own connection with the seasons and the starry sky.  And there are extensive appendixes with details for spectacular planet-viewing from now through 2050 AD.

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“A map that leads us back to our sacred selves.” — Sandra Ingerman, MA, author of Soul Retrieval, Medicine for the Earth and How to Thrive in Changing Times.

“Wow, what a read! An experience sure to intrigue your intellect, stretch your imagination, ignite your soul, and remind you of all the wonder you feel when you look up and connect with life above.” — Colleen Deatsman, author of The Hollow Bone: A Field Guide to Shamanism and Seeing in the Dark.

Among the early reviews:

“...This book is as important a work as I’ve ever read on the subject of astrology and cosmology. I’ve certainly never been moved by a book on this subject in quite this way. Shesso reintroduces the night sky to the child inside you and that’s a very special gift...” – from Bob Freeman, “Occult Detective”

From Weiser:

”Impeccably researched by one of the most eclectic pagan scholars working today, the book aims to re-engage our fascination with the planets and stars. Renna Shesso looks at the mythology, legend, science, and lore about the planets and most significant stars in a chapter-by-chapter format. Included are nearly 150 diagrams and illustrations—on the heavens, astrological views, depictions of gods and goddesses, sky totems, Tarot symbols, star charts, and more.”

More people saying nice things:

Planets for Pagans presents a clear, accessible, up-to-date guide to the positions of the planets in the sky as well as to their resonances in our hearts and imaginations.”

– Diane Wolkstein, co-author of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth

“At last!  What a pleasure to have a book that looks at our sky instead of the abstract and dead universe of science.  Planets for Pagans puts our forgotten, hidden sky into focus and brings its primeval meaning to us to provide food for our souls.”

– Greg Stafford, author, publisher of Shaman’s Drum

Five-Star Fabulous

“Just finished the first chapter. This book is a delight, a fascinating history and mythology, and even comes complete with exercises at the end of each chapter to strengthen
your connection to the sky.

I thought this book would help me understand astrology better, and planetary correspondences for tarot and crystals. Instead it is filling me with awe and wonder, making me feel more connected with the ancestors of every culture through our mutual connection to the sky, and changing the way I look at even the daytime world.
Good stuff.” 
–  Barnes & Noble customer


Planets for Pagans:

Sacred Sites, Ancient Lore & Magical Stargazing*

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