Math for Mystics Chapters:

0. The Circle of Creation
1. Counting -
2. The Moon - Worksheet_2.pdf
3. Measurements - Worksheet_3.pdf
4. The Days of the Week
5. The Magical Squares
6. The Knight’s Tour and Templar Codes?
7. Shapes & Numbers Meditation - Worksheet_7.pdf
8. Pythagoras
9. Fibonacci, the Golden Ratio and the Pentacle
10. Venus’ Pentacle
11. The Geometric Solids
12. Individual Numbers
13. A Tale in Which Gods Do Math
14. Summing Up
The book is heavily illustrated with both drawings & graphics, which is the only way I can make sense out of math for myself.  Surely I’m not the only one who feels this way?! I wrote this book because I wanted more than I was finding in many other numerology books: More information, more details, more non-mathematician explanations, many more ILLUSTRATIONS and a hell of a lot more fun!
You’ll see links above to the worksheets created for some of the chapters (more are in the works).  Despite the word “work”, these are generally playful ways of getting a more personal connection with the ideas in that chapter.  
Many of the activities are suitable for use with children, as a way to create interest in number-concepts without making a big scary math-deal out of it.
Math for Mystics
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CORRECTIONS to Math for Mystics 1st edition!  
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