Math for Mystics Chapters:

0. The Circle of Creation
1. Counting -

2. The Moon - Worksheet_2.pdf

3. Measurements - Worksheet_3.pdf

4. The Days of the Week

5. The Magical Squares
6. The Knight’s Tour and Templar Codes?

7. Shapes & Numbers Meditation - Worksheet_7.pdf

8. Pythagoras

9. Fibonacci, the Golden Ratio and the Pentacle

10. Venus’ Pentacle
11. The Geometric Solids

12. Individual Numbers

13. A Tale in Which Gods Do Math
14. Summing Up

The book is heavily illustrated with both drawings & graphics, which is the only way I can make sense out of math for myself.  Surely I’m not the only one who feels this way?! I wrote this book because I wanted more than I was finding in many other numerology books: More information, more details, more non-mathematician explanations, many more ILLUSTRATIONS and a hell of a lot more fun.

You’ll see links above to the worksheets created for some of the chapters (more are in the works).  Despite the word “work”, these are generally playful ways of getting a more personal connection with the ideas in that chapter. 

Many of the activities are suitable for use with children, as a way to create interest in number-concepts without making a big scary math-deal out of it.


Math for Mystics

Renna’s Math Play Area  

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The Pythagorean Triangle: Make a Measuring Device

The Möbius Strip

224 pages, abundantly illustrated

Publisher:  Weiser Books, 2007


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New Book, Ancient Numerology!

Excerpt from Math for Mystics:

    “It’s our collective malaise: Post-Traumatic Math Disorder.


    “Yet despite how we personally feel about mathematics, our distant ancestors willingly used numbers as pathways into the great patterns of Nature, avenues to understanding the Universe and their own place in it.  Many ancient cultures had specific gods and goddesses they credited with inventing mathematical skills.  With the aid of divine inspiration and assistance, humans nourished this numerical invention, continually pushing their skills and seeking greater clarity of expression.

    “Often, their motivation was metaphysical: A large portion of math history traces back directly to the earliest astrologers, who needed to be able to describe and record what they saw in the night sky…

    “What you’ll find in this book are some of the many things our distant ancestors knew and used, based on long generations of seeing and absorbing, based on sky-watching, on folk knowledge, on myths and on ever-more-complex calculations…

    “Our starting point may seem like a Zero.  But for now, before looking at numbers and math, let’s simply see it as a circle.  No matter what our spiritual practice, we each live within the circle of creation, each within the circle—the cohesiveness—of our own form...”

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CORRECTIONS to Math for Mystics 1st edition 
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