So much of what we learn in shamanism comes directly from within the journey experience, via our spirit-guides, but that’s no reason not to study with gifted teachers here in Ordinary Reality, too. 

ormal Shamanic and Related Training:

Women’s Wilderness Retreat — Shamanic Journeying Basics

Chaco Canyon NM, 1988 - Facilitator: Rebecca Moyer.

The Way of the Shaman - Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism —

Colorado Springs CO, 1989 - Teacher: Sandra Ingerman, FSS (Foundation for Shamanic Studies)

Soul Retrieval Training —

Boulder CO, 1991 - Teacher: Sandra Ingerman, FSS

Shamanic Extraction Healing Training —

Albuquerque NM, 1992 - Teacher: Sandra Ingerman, FSS

Sacred Plant Medicine —

Boulder CO, 1992 - Teacher: Stephen Harrod Buhner, Church of Gaia/Gaian Studies

Shamanism, Dying and Beyond —

Boulder CO, 1993 - Teacher: Sandra Ingerman, FSS

The Way of the Shaman - Basic Workshop (repeated) —

Boulder CO, 1997 - Teacher: Sandra Ingerman, FSS

Shamanic Dreamwork and Healing —

Denver CO, 1999 - Teacher: Lorin Smith, Kashaya Pomo elder

Soul Retrieval Training (expanded course) —

Santa Fe NM, 2001 - Teacher: Sandra Ingerman; FSS

Medicine for the Earth —

Santa Fe NM, 2001 - Teacher: Sandra Ingerman

Harner Method Shamanic Counseling Training (HSC) —

San Francisco CA,  2002 - Teacher: Sandra Harner, FSS

Healing with Spiritual Light —

Santa Fe NM, 2003 - Teacher: Sandra Ingerman

Sweat Lodge Water-Pourer & Fire-Tender Training —

Elbert CO, 2005 - Teacher: Scott Harshman, Foundation for Gaian Studies

Two-Year Shamanic Teacher Training TYTT —

Santa Fe NM, 2005 -2006 - Teacher: Sandra Ingerman

TYTT Global Reunions & New Studies —

Santa Fe NM, 2008, 2010, 2012 & Joshua Tree CA 2015 - Multiple international groups meeting with teacher Sandra Ingerman

Weather Shamanism —

Longmont, CO, 2011 - Teachers: Nan Moss and David Corbin

The Spiritual Practice of Spinning

Santa Fe, NM, 2011 - Teachers: Sandra Ingerman, Kappy Strahan and Myrna Castaline

Fornsejd in Sweden [Traditional Northern European Shamanism] —

near Uppsala, Sweden, 2014 - Teachers: Anna Karin Kjellin and Imelda Almqvist

Compassionate Depossession

Woodland Park, CO, 2015 - Teacher: Karen Furr

Ancestral and Family Healing Intensive

Nederland, CO, 2016 - Teacher: Daniel Foor

Medicine for the Earth —

Estes Park CO, 2018 - Assistant to teacher Sandra Ingerman

I’m currently digesting material from the
Society for Shamanic Practice 2019 Conference: Find Your Medicine, Be the Medicine and from Daniel Foor’s Practical Animism series

Top photo © Melissa Reading 2015 - Joshua Tree, CA
Bottom photo © Cindy Kane 2019 - Puzzlewood Forest, Gloucestershire, UK


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