Shamanic Healing Practices


I’ve been performing Soul Retrieval and other shamanic healing practices since 1991.

This is spiritual healing.  It’s often profoundly helpful to people who feel detached from their own life-force or identity, stuck in old emotional goo, weighted down by relationship “baggage,” or still flattened by past instances of physical or other trauma, including illness, injury, accidents and abuse. Please read the article about Soul Retrieval on this site to get a better idea of what this mode of healing can entail.

I generally have a variety of times available - mainly afternoons, and occasional evenings.  As there are some preparation exercises for the client, this is not “I need to see you immediately!” triage way of working!
Healing work is done on a self-determined sliding scale basis, with $95 to $225 as the range.
*  Plan to allow two+ hours for your visit. 

To contact me for more information or to discuss making an appointment once conditions allow for that, please send an email to me by clicking here. Include your phone number and preferred times for me to contact you.

I work in the Denver area and along the Colorado Front Range.  I don’t work long-distance or via telephone or internet.

Additional follow-up work, done by the client on their  own behalf, is recommended. I can also serve as support person/coach for this work.

My formal training and experience are extensive: See my resume page to view the details. On-going training comes from additional studies, and from within my journeys, through the Power Animals and other benevolent allies who assist me. They’ve been guiding me on this path since 1988.

To find Shamanic Practitioners in other parts of the USA and worldwide, please visit:

You might also want to read the
Finding a Teacher page, since much of the same information can apply to finding an appropriate practitioner.

* “Self-determined sliding scale”? Please read this.

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“Having met road block after road block and desperately trying to gather the fragmented pieces of myself, I knew I needed some help.  I met Renna at a drumming work shop and she completely exuded what you would look for in a spiritual guide and helper. I felt confident she could help me in the Soul Retrieval Process. 

“Renna journeyed to find pieces of my lost self and indeed she found them. As she narrated the journey I wept ... She truly was amazing, kind, thoughtful and spent all the time I needed to be comfortable and understand the process.”  

~ M.P.

“I've felt more aware of I have the the power or mental capabilities to live more fully as an adult too, like I'm getting used to a completely different perspective on life in some ways...Thanks.”

~ R.

“...I feel very different after our session. Something important definitely transpired during it. It's like all of me is here, not only some maladjusted part. Thank you so much for your work!

~ I.

Earth is changing... as always.

Please read this first.
I’m not currently scheduling any in-person healing sessions.