Earth is changing... as always.

As we each find our footing in these new conditions

of “social distancing,” quarantines, closures, and curtailed travel, 

my in-person shamanic trainings and healing sessions

are on-hold at least until Autumn 2020.
I’ve left the information visible,

but I’ve disconnected the sign-up links: Pay no deposits now!

Change doesn’t knock - it just moves in and unpacks.
In the coming weeks, I’ll be exploring options for distance-learning, healing sessions, and tarot readings

Meanwhile, my love to you,
with hope that we will work together in the future.
And love to Earth Herself, who may simply be doing

what She needs to do for Her own healing,

regardless of how that affects human individuals.
At least that’s my perspective today.
Let’s hold ourselves, each other, Earth and all Her beings

in our healing heart-of-hearts.