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the Trickster at the Crossroads

Wednesday, July 10, 7-9pm. 
7700 West 44th Ave.,
Wheat Ridge CO

That little planet notorious for its (allegedly) challenging retrogrades... Mercury’s real lore is more nuanced and complex, and far more useful. This is the real-life planet known to star-gazers, travelers, and story-teller. We’ll look into Mercury’s lore: lemniscates and snakes, crossroads and silver-tongued devils, psychopomps, tricksters, and navigators of the spiritual realms, then move to visualization/journey work to create a personalized, active connection with this excellent planet-ally. This learning is useful for anyone working with astrology or tarot, and for those interested in creating a working alliance with Mercury’s associated deities and spirits.
$30 includes all handout materials.
You need to register directly through Ritualcravt - here’s a link to their page.


Star-lore and Spinning:
Spellcrafting with a Drop Spindle

Sunday, July 14, 2019 - one day
10 am to approx. 5pm.

Private Denver-area location;

       space is limited

Many of our sky-myths involve the practice of spinning, as one goddess or another spins our world into existence.  We’ll start the day with a sweeping PowerPoint look at the night sky’s main spinning-theme constellations and a discussion of their myths, drawing on my book Planets for Pagans. Then in the afternoon, we’ll learn the basics of hand-spinning with a drop spindle.  You’ll learn how to use journeying and/or spell-craft to infuse your spun fibers with intention and power, and create enough spun yarn for magical uses, carrying your intentions into the world in material form. 

Knowledge of shamanic journeying is useful, but not required.
Tuition: $95, includes a drop spindle and all other materials. 
Click here to sign up through PayPal with a $40 deposit. Your receipt will show a payment to Fire Brand / Ink LLC, my business identity.
Venmo: Pay to renna-shesso  Please include a note with your email and the word “spin”


Intro to Journeying:

Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Wednesday, August 14, 7-9pm. 
7700 West 44th Ave.,
Wheat Ridge CO

    We each have a personal direct-line to spirit, and journeying is a way to tap in and reawaken it. The ability to intentionally shift into a trance state and commune with our spirit-plane helpers is an asset to many spiritual paths, and the journey is one very dependable means of doing this — for guidance, healing, and the heart-full joy of direct connection with Spirit.
    This evening we’ll play with the rudiments of drum-driven journeying and begin meeting the personal allies that live in that place of spirit. These are the spiritual practices of animism that are often identified as “shamanic.”
By any name, this is an empowering path!

“Truly an honor and thrill to finally meet and work with Renna.

The Workshop was profound!”  — Brian

“Wonderful introduction to journeying!” — S.

     Please bring: Note-taking materials, a small blanket or yoga mat (optional) and a scarf/bandana to cover your eyes.
Fee: $20.
You need to register directly through Ritualcravt - here’s a link to their page.


Quintessential Tarot :
a five-week series for beginners

Begins Wednesday, September 4, 7-9 pm, continues Sept. 11, 18, 25 and Oct. 2.
RitualCravt, 7700 West 44th Avenue, Wheat Ridge CO 80033

Q: How can I plan for a future that’s unknown?
A: By knowing - by having more information!

The Tarot is a tool to help illuminate our personal road maps. This path encompasses elements of astrology, numerology, mythology and more, all expressed through art. Specifically, this is art that delivers practical information wrapping in a sensory visual experience. And as we craft an ever-stronger working alliance with the cards, magic happens.

We’ll explore:

  1. the Minor Arcana via the elements (Week 1)

  2. the Court Cards for identity and connection (Week 2)

  3. the Major Arcana with myths and archetypes (Week 3)

  4. More Majors,  and alliance-deepening personal work (Week 4)

  5. Deeper work on reading the Tarot with other people, and for maximum personal creativity and well-being (Week 5).

$150 - includes bountiful materials and exercises, and two audio recordings of guided visualizations.

You need to register directly through Ritualcravt - here’s a link to their page.


Teacher Renna Shesso: My own initial studies in Tarot date back to 1968 - I still have those notes. I’ve been reading Tarot deeply for myself since 1988, and professionally since 2002, mainly at Denver’s renowned Mercury Cafe.  I began teaching Tarot practices in the late 1990s.  Both of my big books, Math for Mystics and Planets for Pagans, draw on the Tarot, and I’ve been a presenter on Tarot topics, by proposal and invitation, at

  1. Bullet  Sacred Space Conference (Washington, D.C./Baltimore area) in 2014

  2. Bullet  Denver Tarot Convention (June 2015)

  3. Bullet  BATS - the Bay Area Tarot Symposium (San Jose, CA, August 2015)

  4. Bullet  Northwest Tarot Symposium (Portland, OR, March 2019)

Since 2011, I’ve also been honored to share presentations multiple times at the Denver Tarot Meetup, and continue to do so.

In the area of on-going studies, in August 2017, I took a five-day Tarot intensive with Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack at Omega Institute in up-state New York, and in February 2018, I attended the North Star Tarot Conference, put on by the Twin Cities Tarot Collective in Minnesota - it was terrific! - in addition to the many great workshops I attended at conferences where I was presenting.

    More personally, and at the heart of my practice, Tarot is one of my most treasured, deepest and joyfully pragmatic ways of seeking insight and better understanding of every facet of life.  I love Tarot!


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