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2019 updated December 2018

Candle Magick

Wednesday, January 16, 7-9 pm.

2842 West 44th Avenue, Denver

Real-world challenges?

Magical leverage can
unsnarl them.

Candle magick is a luscious way of working that engages heart, head and all of our senses. Using a candle as focal point, you’ll learn practical techniques, clear ethics and some big secrets for performing successful spells. Finally, we’ll look at how to custom-design beautiful and effective spells, from start to finish, including the follow-through: Getting results you can use.

Abracadabra, indeed.
(Aramaic : Abraq ad habra = “I will create as I speak”)

$30 includes Renna’s "Candle Magick" book. Register thru RitualCraft.

I’ve been designing and working effective candle-spells for over 30 years.


Astronomy for Astrologers:

the Night Sky

Wednesday, February 6, 7-9 pm.

RitualCravt, 2842 West 44th Avenue, Denver

Is your all of your astrology happening indoors?

Most astrologers now work with computer programs and apps, rather than outside observing the sky. This is accurate, sure, but what are we missing?

The heavens themselves were the original equipment in this 5000+ year-old calling, along with the sky’s vast beauty and the sensory pleasure of the night air. Even in the city, most planets and many astrological constellations are visible. This workshop will give you the necessary basics for naked-eye astrological star-gazing. Let’s meet our age-old sky-allies.

You’ll come away with an active, practical and visual grasp of:

  1. The Zodiac: why these 12 constellations?

  2. The Sun’s Path: our highway through the heavens

  3. The Planets: Inner v Outer, Direct and Retrograde Motion, and more

  4. Charts, Houses and Aspects: The sky expressed as a working map

  5. The Precession of the Equinoxes, and why it matters for how we do astrology now

$30 - take-home materials are included. Register thru RitualCravt

An additional recommended resource is Renna’s book Planets for Pagans, which is available separately through RitualCravt.


Tarot : a five-session series

Begins Monday, March 18, Noon-2 pm, continues March 25, April 1, 8 and 15.
RitualCravt, 2842 West 44th Avenue, Denver

Q: How can I plan for a future that’s unknown?
A: By knowing - by having more information!

The Tarot is a tool to help illuminate our personal road maps. This path encompasses elements of astrology, numerology, mythology and more, all expressed through art. Specifically, this is art that delivers practical information wrapping in a sensory visual experience. And as we craft an ever-stronger working alliance with the cards, magic happens.

We’ll explore:

  1. the Minor Arcana via the elements (Week 1)

  2. the Court Cards for identity and connection (Week 2)

  3. the Major Arcana with myths and archetypes (Week 3)

  4. alliance-deepening personal work (Week 4)

  5. rmore on reading the Tarot with other people, and for maximum personal creativity and well-being (Week 5).

$150 - includes bountiful materials and exercises, and two audio recordings of guided visualizations. Register through RitualCraft here.


Teacher Renna Shesso: My own initial studies in Tarot date back to 1968 - I still have those notes. I’ve been reading Tarot deeply for myself since 1988, and professionally since 2002, mainly at Denver’s renowned Mercury Cafe.  I began teaching Tarot practices in the late 1990s.  Both of my big books, Math for Mystics and Planets for Pagans, draw on the Tarot, and I’ve been a presenter on Tarot topics, by invitation, at

  1. Bullet Sacred Space Conference (Washington, D.C./Baltimore area) in 2014

  2. Bullet Denver Tarot Convention (June 2015)

  3. Bullet BATS - the Bay Area Tarot Symposium (San Jose, CA, August 2015)
    Upcoming - I’ll presenting at the Northwest Tarot Symposium in 2019!

Since 2011, I’ve also been honored to share presentations multiple times at the Denver Tarot Meetup, and continue to do so.

In the area of on-going studies, in August 2017, I took a five-day Tarot intensive with Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack at Omega Institute in up-state New York.

In February 2018, I attended the
North Star Tarot Conference, put on by the Twin Cities Tarot Collective in Minnesota - it was terrific!

    More personally, and at the heart of my practice, Tarot is one of my most treasured, deepest and joyfully pragmatic ways of seeking insight and better understanding of every facet of life.  I love Tarot!


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Statement of Ethical Practices:
A safe learning environment is your right as a student of spiritual practices.

It’s worth stating clearly that

–  I do not have romantic or sexual associations with my students.

To do so is highly inappropriate. I consider it a violation of trust.

– I encourage those who study with me to maintain and continue building
their own healthy boundaries.

No forms of harassing behavior are acceptable or tolerated
in my classes or within any ceremonies I’m officiating/assisting.

If you perceive a problem, please speak to me:
I promise I will hear you and work immediately for resolution.