Tarot Mentoring


This is a hands-on way for you to participate in a monthly reading (as Client), while simultaneously learning to read Tarot for yourself (as Student).

This is geared to serious students who are beginning
their study of Tarot.

     We’ll Zoom-meet once a month and together weave our way through a card reading. 

     In the days and weeks between our meetings, your mission is to continue working with the information, and exploring the cards using your own deck at home. Not just any deck! I’ll have suggestions of some especially good ones, and we can refine that based on your own aesthetic tastes - you have choices, of course!

What you’ll get:

Tarot knowledge: You’ll be learning the Tarot in general.
A Tarot Alliance: You’ll come to know your deck in particular - how it speaks to you - and gradually build an alliance with your cards.

Months of Readings: In the first session, I’ll do most of the reading, but in each month that follows, we’ll be co-reading - you speaking of what you see, with me there to coach, help to clarify, support your explorations.

Between sessions: You’ll have homework assignments, exercises to explore your deck more deeply, readings to experiment with on your own, delving ever deeper.

Live reading experience: Lots of us learn and practice on our own initially, thinking, absorbing, taking notes, but never speaking aloud. That won’t be the experience here! You’ll have on-going practice in “giving voice” to what you perceive in the cards. When reading for yourself, speaking aloud helps to literally call forth change and manifestation. And it’s really useful if you aspire to read Tarot for others.

Over time, You’ll gain a widening perspective on what has shifted in life and in the cards since the previous months’ readings, and build a growing selection of “inner tools” with which to meet the month ahead.


Each Session’s Length: Roughly an hour long, a bit more occasionally.

Between session assignments: Plan to allow a couple of hours per week minimum.You can devote more time if you choose, of course.
Anticipate spending about $20 on a tarot deck (or you may already have a suitable beginning deck).

Fees: $50 per monthly session, which includes at-home materials and assignments for the month ahead.

For continuity and commitment, sessions will be scheduled and paid quarterly: $150 for three months. After the first three months, you’ll know if this is a good fit for you, and can decide then whether to continue. If so, you can re-commit quarterly.

Still interested? Please send me an email. I’ll be happy to answer any questions, we can discuss decks and mutual expectations, and can take a look at scheduling.

The available spaces filled up quickly! If you’d like to get the word when more spaces open up, please contact me.

Scheduling: Flexible, so it works for both of us. Initially, we agree to a set day and time that repeats month to month.

But this will extend over time, and it’s good to have some guidelines, which I’ll email with other details in writing.


My own initial studies in Tarot date back to 1968 - I still have those notes. I’ve been reading Tarot deeply for myself since the 1980s, and reading professionally since the mid-‘90s, mainly at Denver’s renowned Mercury Cafe

     I began teaching Tarot practices in the late 1990s.

Math for Mystics and Planets for Pagans draw on the Tarot, and I’ve been a presenter on Tarot topics, by invitation, at

  1. Bullet Sacred Space Conference (Washington, D.C./Baltimore area) in 2014

  2. Bullet Denver Tarot Convention (June 2015, one-time event)

  3. Bullet BATS - the Bay Area Tarot Symposium (San Jose, CA, 2015, currently on hiatus)

  4. Bullet Northwest Tarot Symposium (Portland, OR, 2019)

Since 2011, I’ve been honored to share presentations multiple times at the Denver Tarot Meetup.

     In the area of on-going studies, in August 2017, I took a five-day Tarot intensive with Mary K. Greer and Rachel Pollack at Omega Institute in up-state New York, and in February 2018, I attended the North Star Tarot Conference, put on by the Twin Cities Tarot Collective in Minnesota - it was terrific! - in addition to the many great workshops I attended at conferences where I was presenting.

Renna is an amazing teacher! She artfully completes the transfer of knowledge through stimulating discussion and experiential exercises. Renna provides her students with a truly meaningful experience and opportunity for significant growth. Teachers like Renna are rare and I would highly encourage any sincere student to take advantage of her classes.” — C.O.

Please scroll down to see more about me as a teacher and tarot professional.


Here’s some

Renna Shesso


More personally, and at the heart of my practice,
Tarot is a deep, treasured, and joyfully pragmatic way of seeking a better understanding
of every facet of life.  I love Tarot!