Tarot Readings


I’m available for private Tarot readings.*

My aim is for you to get the most useful information possible,
and to have the tools to put insights into practice, which is best suited to those willing to be actively engaged in their own fate. If that’s you, please read on —

With Tarot cards, information is presented as images, and this is useful for many types of questions:
— General: “What do I need to pay attention to?”
— Relationship questions, which can be shaped to any type of relationship, from romantic to work-related. Maybe you’ve fallen out of love with your job: Make up, or move on? How can you better respond to the needs and expectations of others while keeping heart and soul in good shape?
— Looking-ahead, there may be “How can I move forward?” queries, which are great for getting un-stuck.

— We can explore themes and trends to help you navigate through the year, so you can work with the tides of change instead of against them.

— These and many other questions can be clarified.

Tarot starts the process...

30 minutes: $45   We can cover a lot in 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, pricing is in 15-minute increments,
i.e. 45 minutes for $67.50, and an hour for $90. (I’m not a stickler with a stop watch, but things work better if we’re both aware of the passage of time.)

To allow us both to defy the challenges of physical distance, I’m working through Zoom.

Please contact me to set up a time, and I hope to speak and meet with you soon.

Here to serve you, as part of the card reading, are my decades of practical experience in creative spell-work, personalized ritual, and shamanic problem-solving/self-healing practices.

     To whatever degree you want, these can all come into the follow-through aspects of your reading, so you’ll have a customized Rx with which to proceed.

Before: An email or two before-hand can help clarify your question, and the kind of information you particularly need/seek. This helps get a good idea of the reading’s optimal length, and “seeds” the process for us both.

After: By the time we wrap up our reading, you’ll have a head-full of new information and a heart-full of renewed connection to your own dreams and goals, with images to use and ritual-recipes to spark the changes you desire.

* Would you prefer something that involves you more deeply in the process?
How about MENTORING?
A monthly blend of card-reading with private tarot mentoring may be a good fit for you. This is a teaching-supported and empowering way to move into reading for yourself.
If this piques your interest, click here for more information.

Background: Karl Friedrich Schinkel’s 1815 backdrop for “The Magic Flute”
Ace of Torches: Claude Paradin, 1551