Workshop Refund Policy


When I teach through a shop or a sponsor, any policies they have are in effect, but otherwise - and because I often I teach independently - this is useful information.

I’m not much on rules, but over the years questions have sometimes arisen due to the lack of a clearly stated policy. So, in the interest of clarity:

Most of the workshops listed on this site are held in my home, and space is limited.  Several other classes are in spaces that require a financial commitment from me, well in advance.  Classes often fill up and sometimes there’s a waiting list, but waiting lists can only function if I
know someone won’t be coming far enough in advance for the Waiting Person to respond.

* On “needing” to cancel: I know that when you signed up for the workshop, you fully intended to be here.  You trusted your desire to explore a new direction.  But then, in addition to any of the real surprises life has a way of throwing us, we sometimes throw surprises at ourselves - i.e. suddenly feeling we’re called in a different direction, or that the time isn’t really quite right for exploring new things, or... something else.

But here’s the catch: I’ve noticed repeatedly in life that just as I’m moving clearly toward an exciting new goal, suddenly some other compelling interest tends to “magically” pop up to distract me. I’ve come to view this as the Universe’s way of checking to see if I’m serious about where I’m headed, or if I’ll readily veer off onto the Path of the Attractive Alternative - which may be a safer, easier, more familiar, less challenging path.  I might explain it differently to myself, but what I’ve probably got is a cosmic case of cold feet, and the Universe is offering my meeker, more doubting self an exit.  Sometimes, it’s only been the “green energy” of a financial commitment - the workshop deposit, the non-refundable plane ticket - that kept me moving towards The New rather than veering back off into The Already-Known.

So, while there are some options for changing your mind, please view your deposit as a personal “green energy” commitment to your own desire for The New. 

Trust your forward momentum!

That said, on to the gnarly guidelines, for workshops that require a deposit or paid-in-advance tuition:

If you need* to cancel:

Count the class date as Day 0. Then count back from there:

  1.     If you notify me at least 21 days before the workshop, your deposit or tuition will be refunded, minus a $5 processing fee.

  1.     If you notify me between 3 and 20 days before the workshop, your deposit or tuition is non-refundable, but can be transferred one time toward tuition on another class with the same teacher within a year of the original class date. However, I will request a new deposit for that new class. This doesn’t mean you end up paying more - the new deposit is intended to guarantee your renewed commitment to attend, and the old deposit is applied to the remaining tuition fee. 

  1.     If you notify me less than 3 days before the workshop: The deposit is not refunded and might not be transferred. Exceptions are possible, so please contact me.

  1.     If you simply don’t show up... really?

  1.     In classes that extend over several days, or continue over several weeks as a series, there are no refunds or fee-transfers after the first class session meets. 

  1.     Exceptions are aways possible, so please let me know what’s going on.

And, although it happens only rarely, if I cancel a workshop, all deposit and tuition payments will be refunded in full, ASAP and with apologies.