Workshops I Offer

Some are on my calendar year-round - others come on-demand.
See something that intrigues you?
Underlined classes are those currently on my schedule - you can click on those to see the full class descriptions.
I’m based in Colorado, but I travel -
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Tarot & Tarot-related work:

Tarot - 5-session series

The Fool’s (Shamanic) Journey - 2 hours
Tarot and the Night Sky: Finding Our Personal Mythos - 2 hours

The Minor Arcana - Elemental Workings - 4-session series
Tarot+Astrology: Using Them Together, a Renegade Guide - 2 hours

The Major Arcana’s Major Mysteries - 2 hours
How to Read the Cards that Creep You Out - 2 hours

Tarot Shadow Work - a multi-week series

Put the Court Cards to Work: Relationship Readings - 2 hours

Tarot, Astrology and the Jupiter Retrograde Spread - 2 hours

Tarot+Astrology: Mercury, The Trickster at the Crossroads - 2 hours

Tarot+Astrology: Venus for Love, Birth & Rebirth - 2 hours

Other workshops:

Astronomy for Astrologers - 2-hour PowerPoint revelation!
Boundary Magic for Women (with Emily Jones) - 2-hour minimum

Weaving the Web: Star Lore & Spinning - 1-day

Candle Magic - 2 hours

Math for Mystics: Ancient Number Lore & Magical Usage - 2 hours

Stone Craft aka Working with Stones and Crystals - 2 hours

Intro to Runes aka Ancient Runes - Modern Uses - 2 hours

Re-enchanting the Night Sky: Planets, Stars & Spirit - 2 hours

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