2024 Workshops - April - June
More will be added as the year progresses.

Candle Magick

Sunday, June 2, 2024
7700 W 44th Ave
Wheat Ridge CO 80033

Real-world challenges? 

Magical leverage can unsnarl them.

Candle magick is a luscious way of working that engages heart, head and all of our sensory awareness. Using a candle as focal point, you’ll learn practical techniques and some big secrets for performing successful spells.
Especially, we’ll look at how to custom-design beautiful and effective spells, from start to finish, including the follow-through: Getting results you can use.
Abracadabra, indeed. (Aramaic : Abraq ad habra = “I will create as I speak”)

Please bring:

— Note-taking materials

— Be prepared for changeable protocols: Please bring a mask.

Fee: $35 includes Renna’s book, "Candle Magick."

Register directly with RitualCravt here.

Teacher Renna Shesso has been designing and working effective candle-spells for over 30 years.

priestess drumming

The Trance-Work of Shamanic Journeying

Thursday, June 26, 2024
7700 W 44th Ave
Wheat Ridge CO 80033

We each have a personal direct-line to spirit. Journeying is a means of reawakening and accessing it.

The ability to intentionally shift into a trance state and commune with our spirit-plane helpers is an asset to many spiritual paths, and the shamanic journey is one very dependable means of doing that - for guidance, healing, and the outright joy of direct connection with Spirit. 

In this gathering, we’ll play with the rudiments of drum-driven journeying to begin meeting the personal allies that live in that place of spirit. These are the spiritual practices of animism, and this is an empowering path!

Please bring/wear:
— Note-taking materials
— Comfortable clothes, if your choose to lay down
— A bandana/scarf eye-covering (for maximum darkness)
— Optional: your own small blanket or yoga pad
— In case protocols change again, bringing a mask is a good idea.   

Fee: $34 - Register with RitualCravt here.

Renna Shesso is a shamanic practitioner, witch, and author. Her shamanic path took root in the late 1980s, mainly through intensive studies with Sandra Ingerman. Other teachers have led to Scandinavian and other ancestral explorations. Our relatives in the natural world - plants and sky, animals and elements - remain her most essential and heart-direct teachers. 

Quintessential Tarot - a five-session Tarot series -
will return again in 2024!

7700 W 44th Ave
Wheat Ridge CO 80033

Q: How can I plan for a future that’s unknown?
 A: By knowing - by having more information!

The Tarot is a tool to illuminate our personal road maps. It overlaps many other disciplines, all expressed here though art. Specifically, this is art that delivers practical information wrapping in a sensory visual experience. As we craft an ever-stronger working alliance with the cards, magic happens.

We’ll begin with thorough orientations:

  •  the Minor Arcana via the elements (Week 1) 
  • the Court Cards for identity and connection (Week 2) 
  • the Major Arcana with myths and archetypes (Week 3) 

and then take this material into

  • alliance-deepening personal work (Week 4) 
  • reading the Tarot for yourself and for others, and for maximum personal creativity and well-being (Week 5).

This series is for beginners and beyond. Please allow a minimum of two hours every week for take-home assignments between class sessions.

Please bring:
— Note-taking materials
— A fully illustrated tarot deck, i.e. instead of simply seeing three Cups, you’ll see people/beings interacting with three Cups. I recommend the Smith-Waite tarot deck (aka Rider-Waite-Smith, RWS). Ritualcravt carries several different versions, and I’ll have loaner decks on hand the first night, so you can see several before making your own choice.

Every session of the course includes:
— Extensive handout pages
— Hands-on practice with readings and exercises

Fee: $175 for the series. I'll post a link to Ritualcravt's registration page once the class is scheduled.

Are there classes you'd like to see back on the schedule? Please, let me know. You can email me through this contact page.

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