Tarot students and clients, Shamanic clients 

from B.

“The class is one I feel I could come to multiple times and get new information... I'm glad I have [the homework] as a study guide to move forward. Thank you so much for your time and knowledge."

from N.

“...I very much enjoyed the material and learned a lot. The slides were very helpful and interesting, and added a nice visual element to tarot/myth/etc. Thanks!"

from A.

“I loved the history of the tarot, I liked the homework... Thanks so much for offering your vast knowledge on the subject - I will recommend this class to others."

from R.

“I've felt more aware of myself...like I have the the power or mental capabilities to live more fully as an adult too, like I'm getting used to a completely different perspective on life in some ways...Thanks.”

from I.

“...I feel very different after our session. Something important definitely transpired during it. It's like all of me is here, not only some maladjusted part. Thank you so much for your work!"

from M.P.

“Renna journeyed to find pieces of my lost self and indeed she found them. As she narrated the journey I wept ... She truly was amazing, kind, thoughtful and spent all the time I needed to be comfortable and understand the process.”